Friday, April 12, 2013

Horsemanship Merit Badge

Horsemanship Merit Badge
To obtain a merit badge for Horsemanship a scout must:

1. Demonstrate riding at a walk, trot, and gallop.
2. Know how to saddle and bridle a horse correctly.
3. Know how to water and feed and to what amount, and how to groom a horse properly.
4. Know how to harness a horse correctly in single or double harness and to drive.
5. Have a knowledge of the power of endurance of horses at work and know the local regulations concerning driving.
6. Know the management and care of horses.
7. Be able to identify unsoundness and blemishes.

8. Know the evils of bearing or check reins and of ill-fitting harness or saddlery.
9. Know two common causes of, and proper remedies for, lameness, and know to whom he should refer cases of cruelty and abuse.
10. Be able to judge as to the weight, height, and age of horses; know three breeds and their general characteristics.

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