Monday, April 8, 2013

First Aid Merit Badge

First Aid Merit BadgeTo obtain a merit badge for First Aid a scout must

 1. Be able to demonstrate the Sylvester and Schaefer methods of resuscitation.

 2. Carry a person down a ladder.

3. Bandage head and ankle.

 4. Demonstrate treatment of wound of the neck with severe arterial hemorrhage.

 5. Treat mangling injury of the leg without severe hemorrhage.

 6. Demonstrate treatment for rupture of varicose veins of the leg with severe hemorrhage.

 7. Show treatment for bite of finger by mad dog.

8. Demonstrate rescue of person in contact with electric wire.

9. Apply tourniquet to a principal artery.

 10. State chief differences between carbolic poisoning and intoxication.

11. Explain what to do for snake bite.

12. Pass first aid test of American Red Cross Society.

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